It pays to tip a limo driver. Spending money tipping the driver is not a bad to use of money. The money spent on the driver is effective at building relationships. How much tip, you give the driver is a different matter. The amount depends on several factors. Normally, the tip should be around 15 percent of the entire bill. There is nothing wrong with a tip that is either 10% or 20% of the bill you have to pay. The amount should not cause you to take your eye off the main goal for doing this, which is, building a solid relationship with the driver or limo company.

It Retains Drivers for Future Use

A tip is great if you intend to continue using the same driver in your future travels to the city. The tip is your appreciation for the exemplary services the driver has offered. A tip is a form of gratitude for the wonderful work he has done driving you safely to your destination. The tip has essentially wins the driver’s trust, commitment, and dedication to you. The next time you want the driver’s services, he will have no problem acceding to your request. The tip helps you in the long term more than it does the driver.

In some instances, the total bill you pay the company providing limo Minneapolis services includes tips. However, do not make assumptions that this is the case. Ask the limo rental agency to clear this issue up for you. Nevertheless, nothing should hold you back from tipping the driver when you want to. The percentage or amount you eventually pay as a tip depends on the quality of services offered. If the quality is below standard, the tip should not be more than 10%. If the quality is quite high, the tip can be as high as 20%.

It gives you control over the relationship

Typically, the limo driver will not haggle with you for a bigger tip. Some drivers might share the story of their lives with you; thus making it harder to give them a small tip. Again, this is at your discretion. When in the limo, you are in the hands of a driver. Whether or not you arrive safely and on time at your destination depend on the driver’s skills, experience and professionalism. For this reason, you should strive to make the entire experience a bit personal instead of limiting it to nothing more than a business. Tipping the driver makes the relationship more personal.

Therefore, learn to tip the drivers who provide you with exemplary limo Minneapolis services. Tips are not mandatory, but rather discretionary. The power and decision on the amount to give as the tip is in your hands. Nonetheless, use this tool to build a relationship with the best limo drivers. This way, they will prioritize your needs whenever you call them. A limo driver who is happy with you and believes in the relationship the two of you have is likely to serve you with more gusto, courtesy, professionalism, and punctuality; hence, worth the tips you pay.