Losing the keys to your classic car is possible. When this happens, you’re likely to feel frustrated

and disappointed trying to find ways of driving the car without the originals. Making copies of

the original keys is a highly recommended measure. However, this doesn’t mean that you can

lose the original plus the copies. When this happens, the first thing you should do is to contact

your locksmith DC.

Identify the Key

Most classic cars use traditional keys. Such keys are not encoded, first. Second, these keys can be

made from any normal key blank. The modern cars use encoded, smart or detached keys. The

locksmith’s main task is to help you understand and identify the kind of key you need for the

classic car. This bit of information is crucial as the locksmith needs it to advise you on the

replacement key blank that you should buy.

Cut the Key Well

Once the replacement key blank is in place, your next task is to discuss how to cut it. If you need

the key for an older car, especially one that never came with an encoded chip, you ought to study

the manual that you bought the car with for more information. The most important detail you

need from the manual, is the copy key code. Next, you should leave the replacement key plus the

key code in the hands of the locksmith.

Check for the Key Code

At times, the key code might not be in the manual. Instead of despairing and panicking, you

should search for it under the interior door panel. Remove the door panel first, before checking

the door’s locking mechanism for the key code. If this does not give you the desired information,

you should feel free to take the car’s VIN Number and the replacement key to the best local auto

dealer. Assigning this task to a dealership is costlier.

Program the Key

The next step is to ask the locksmith to program the key. In fact, a good locksmith knows how

important this step is before you tell him. Remember, programming is only necessary when

dealing with a key that has an encoded chip. Programming is essential for making the key to

function as required. When dealing with a smart key, the locksmith would often program, it only

if he has the right codes. Let a professional locksmith handle the entire project.

Before contacting the locksmith, check that you have the following information:

a) The vehicle’s make and model

b) The car’s registration number

c) VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, which you can find in the log book or V5

d) Documentation that confirms you’re the owner of the car

Finally, remember to ask the locksmith DC to reprogram the car to make the old keys you lost

unusable. The ignition barrel, as well as the door locks, may need reconfiguring to. Do this to

enjoy the locksmith’s best services. The thing you should never forget is that you can get

replacement keys from the locksmith even if you lost the original key and all the copies you made

over the years.