Filling up with the wrong fuel is a common mistake. Many people face this situation in a hurry. If you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, you need to act immediately to avoid any major damage. The wrong fuel can stop your journey and can cause extensive damages to your vehicle engine as well. But you do not need to be worried. You can avoid any damage with the proper action. Whenever you realize that you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, the first thing you need to do is to stop the vehicle. Remember that if you drive your vehicle with the wrong fuel, it might cause serious damages to the fuel injection system and this damage might not be covered by the insurances.

How it can damage your vehicle

Putting the wrong fuel in your car can damage your fuel pump if you do not take the adequate steps to deal with this situation quickly. If you put petrol in the diesel cars, then the mix of the diesel and petrol might act as a solvent that reduces the lubrication and can damage the pump in no time as the metal parts will contact and rub against each other. The other parts of your vehicle which are not compatible with the petrol can also be affected. This same is applicable to the petrol vehicles. If you leave it unnoticed, you will have to spend more on the repairing and replacements.

What to do if you put wrong fuel in your vehicle

If you have put the wrong fuel in your vehicle, the first thing you should follow is not to start the engine or not to turn on the ignition. It does not matter what type of the vehicle you are driving, this simple step can save your vehicle from any damage. Instead of trying to resolve the issue on your own, you should contact the Wrong Fuel In the Car Service. They are able to handle this kind of situation. After contacting them, they will reach you and will remove the wrong fuel from your vehicle and will fill it with the right fuel. The process will be safe and effective.

In many cases, you might not experience any problem after starting the car; even you cannot realize that you are driving your car with the wrong fuel. But whenever you notice, you need to stop it quickly. Otherwise, you will experience abnormal engine noises and the performance problems after driving a short distance and it can lead to damages.

In addition to the safety concerns and vehicle damages, you might be asked to pay the penalties if you use the siphoned fuel. If you want to avoid this situation then you can install the aftermarket devices that can block the narrower diameter petrol nozzle. You can face this situation anytime. Hence, make sure that you have taken the right steps to protect your vehicles from the damages. You should not try to fix the issue on your own. Instead, call the Wrong Fuel In the Car service to deal with this situation.