Understanding what your car insurance in Springfield, Missouri can and cannot do or cover is essential, especially if you plan to travel outside the country. Avoid assuming that your insurance policy covers all your trips in and outside the country. Check whether the insurance leaves you with some serious coverage gaps. You may be one of the privileged drivers whose trips outside the country are fully covered by your credit card provider or the auto insurance policy. The general rules you need to understand about car insurance are as follows:

Understand the car insurance rules

First, you enjoy the coverage while driving anywhere in the United States. You aren’t limited to just insurance in Springfield or other parts of Missouri alone. The coverage might also cover you and the car while driving in Canada, although you need to check with your insurance agency whether this is true. Similarly, you enjoy the coverage, but only as long as you drive with the express permission of the car rental company, even when your vacation is in places such as Seminyak in Indonesia. Don’t allow anybody who’s not listed in the lease agreement to drive the car.

Insurance is mandatory for your own good

Second, car insurance is mandatory whether you’re driving at home or outside the country. You may need to speak with your existing car insurance provider about an extension. A separate breakdown cover is worth taking if you intend to stay outside the country long. Obtaining a Green Card is also essential. The Green Card is internationally recognized as proof of insurance. Check the terms and conditions for renting the car that the rental firm has stipulated in the agreement before signing it to avoid paying more than you should.

Check the fine print

Avoid ignoring the fine print. It usually lists the excess charge that the rental firm levies on its services. In some cases, the excess charge can be quite high. Figures such as $500 or $1,000 are typical. Failure to heed this warning could expose you to car rental companies that see nothing wrong with charging you excessively high excess amounts for some minor scratches. Get an excess insurance cover to avoid paying over the odds. Schedule a meeting with your current insurance provider to check the need for any additional car insurance cover.

How to avoid additional charges

The beauty is that you can take the following measures to prevent being ripped off:

  1. Purchase the basic package only
  2. Carry your own child seats and satnav
  3. Ignoring the sales patter by personnel at the collection desk
  4. Checking mileage, fuel policy and other crucial extras
  5. Noting all the damages the car has before driving off
  6. Take videos and photos of the car before and after
  7. Keep a proper record of all paperwork
  8. Don’t ignore the credit card statement
  9. Ask for explanations on additional charges, and fight them where necessary

Therefore, what this article proves is the importance of getting car insurance when traveling outside the country on vacation. At times, the car insurance in Springfield, Missouri wouldn’t be of much help. Ask your auto insurer whether you need extra cover, especially when you plan to travel to Indonesia on holiday for the first time. Ask friends and family who have traveled to the great Asian country before for information on its car insurance and car rental policies. The information you get could prove very helpful later.