You may wonder whether it’s necessary to get a lawyer for DWI ticket. After all, isn’t this just a ticket like any other traffic-related offense? Well, this is not your ordinary ticket. It can cost you around $10,000. What’s more, the ticket could affect your ability to work or drive around your state comfortably. Some states within the US, alcohol-related crashes are responsible for injuring or killing a person every 20 minutes. If you injure or kill somebody while intoxicated, your life could change permanently.

You don’t get a ticket for consuming several bottles of an alcoholic drink alone. You could get a ticket for a single bottle of your favorite alcoholic beverage. If alcohol impairs your judgment thus leading you to drive recklessly and cause an injury or fatality, the next place you find yourself would be before a judge in a court. Consumption of alcohol affects people differently. For example, some of the factors that determine how the alcohol you consumed could impair you include the following:

  1. Your gender
  2. Your weight
  3. How much alcohol you consumed
  4. How much food you ate

Effect of carrying a child while intoxicated

For some people, intoxication takes complete effect the moment they drink 2-3 beers in an hour. People with smaller bodies, younger individuals, and women ordinarily feel impaired or intoxicated after consuming fewest bottles of alcoholic beverages. When arrested for driving while intoxicated with a child passenger onboard the car, the courts might not treat you kindly. In legal parlance, a child is somebody who’s aged 15 years or less. A DWI offense committed while carrying a child in the car attracts the following types of punishments:

  • A fine of around $10,000
  • A Jail term of around two years
  • Loss of driving license for around 180 days

How to avoid further punishment

The punishment can be more severe depending on your actions when a traffic police officer stops you. Failure to produce your driving license when the officer asks you to could increase the punishment. Failure to present proof of insurance in addition to a vehicle’s registration could make your punishment severe than initially anticipated. Without a lawyer for a DWI ticket on your side, you should be ready for some grave consequences. The punishment often depends on several factors, with one of the most important being the number of previous offenses.

While it pays to hire an attorney to help argue the case in your favor, the rewards of not drinking and driving are more attractive. If you must drink, don’t drive. Instead, hire a competent person to take you home, to the office or any of your preferred destinations. Nobody will charge you for being a drunken passenger. Calling a cab is also more preferable. If it’s possible, you will be in safe hands and away from the likelihood of facing a conviction for DWI if you opt to remain in the place where you imbibed a few alcoholic drinks for the night.

Despite all this, remember to hire a competent lawyer for DWI ticket if you end up in court.