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When the clocks struck midnight to ring in 2007, a new team partnership came into action, one that could demonstrably improve the team’s aerodynamic efficiency and, ultimately, performance. On 1 January, Spyker gained the use of another wind tunnel, effectively doubling its aerodynamic resources


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The Spyker F1 Team is pleased to announce the arrival of Dutch shoe and apparel manufacturer Ferrini B.V., a licensee of Quick Sports International B.V., as an Official Sponsor to the team for the 2007 Formula One World Championship.

22 November 2006 – – The close co-operation between the two organisations will lead to the development of a stylish ‘Spyker by Q’ merchandise range as well as race boots and team shoes under the Q-Label. As part of this working partnership, Quick Sports International BV will also hold strategic Q-branding on the Spyker F1 Team race car and race overalls during the 2007 Formula One World Championship.

Rini van Trigt, Director – Quick Sports International BV, says: “Another milestone achieved, subsequent to acquiring the trademarks six years ago and revitalising the old brand. We are exceptionally pleased to team up with Spyker in the Formula One World Championship. With our Dutch heritage and international ambitions, Spyker and Quick Sports International BV share roots and aspirations to let this co-operation accelerate our internationalisation. It enables a stretched product offering and provides us with a global platform, hence new opportunities and new markets not yet explored. It underwrites our mutual dedication to challenge the establishment, perform by innovation and being rebelliously surprising whilst ensuring quality, durability and reliability”.

Colin Kolles, Team Principal and Managing Director – Spyker F1 Team, says: “Ensuring the team have the best equipment and materials is central to Spyker F1 Team’s vision. This partnership will allow the team to develop footwear to suit the vast range of activities undertaken by our staff. I am extremely happy to partner an organisation with so much experience and heritage as Quick Sports International BV. Spyker F1 Team will arrive on the 2007 grid with a fresh, dynamic and cutting-edge image so it is important for the team to partner organisations that share these characteristics.”

Christijan Albers, Race Driver – Spyker F1 Team, says: “I am very happy that the famous and very hip brand, Quick Sports International BV has become an Official Sponsor of the team for next season. Even better is that I am involved in the development and design of the new Q-Spyker F1 race shoe and my own race shoe. I look forward to the results and I am convinced that it will make us Quicker. Quick Sports International BV will launch during the 2007 World Championship my personal shoe, the Q Maximum Attack, on the market. This race shoe will be very special with high-tech materials and I am really proud that they will carry my personal signature. Now every fan can be in my shoes. I am also thrilled at how many Dutch companies want to support Spyker F1. This is very encouraging to me and the team and I cannot wait to start racing again.”

The sponsorship between Quick Sports International BV and the Spyker F1 Team was facilitated by, brand and marketing agency in the Benelux and China regions.

About Quick Sports International BV and its heritage:Quick Sports International BV is, in differentiated territories, the licensor of the Quick brand, the Q brand and their signatory Blockstripes. Under these labels sports inspired footwear and apparel combined with lifestyle, fashion and street influences are marketed. The collections are sophisticated, contemporary, founded on an authentic sports heritage and available throughout Europe, South Africa, Japan and South Korea. The foundations set by Sir Herman Jansen in Gelderland, Holland, in 1905, provide Quick Sports International BV’s brands its rich heritage and provenance.

About Spyker F1 Team:
Spyker F1 Team is a 100% subsidiary of Spyker Cars NV following their purchase of the Midland F1 Racing Team in September 2006. The team entered its first race at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai 2006 in its new team colours of Orange and Silver. Spyker F1 Team will enter the 2007 Formula One World Championship using a Ferrari engine supply; the team is based in Silverstone, UK.

More information on Quick Sports International BV and the Spyker F1 Team can be found on:WWW.FCQUICK.COM or WWW.SPYKERF1.COM

Nobody can accuse Spyker of not giving young drivers a chance. Including Monza, the weekend of the announcement of the takeover, in four races the team has taken the opportunity to give four promising young drivers an opportunity to drive the third car on Friday.


Nobody can accuse Spyker of not giving young drivers a chance. Including Monza, the weekend of the announcement of the takeover, in four races the team has taken the opportunity to give four promising young drivers an opportunity to drive the third car on Friday.

For Giorgio Mondini in Monza and Adrian Sutil at Suzuka this was of course not the first time they had sampled the M16 on a Grand Prix weekend, but two other drivers have been given their maiden outings. In Brazil this weekend it will be the turn of Ernesto Viso, the Venezuelan who has shown so well in F3000 and GP2 over the past three seasons. And in Shanghai a month ago it was his GP2 rival Alex Premat who had his first experience of a Grand Prix weekend.

Alex knows exactly what it will be like for Ernesto at Interlagos. Like Viso, the Frenchman had only a test in the car at Silverstone before his first public outing in the hurly-burly of a race meeting, on a track full of cars.

‘I only knew the week before,’ Alex recalls. ‘My sponsor wanted to help me to go into F1, and do one Friday with Spyker, and I think it was a really good thing to do.

‘For sure, it was really exciting to drive the first time in F1, because it was a dream since I was a kid. I was surprised because the F1 car was a little bit different than GP2, with more horsepower, better brakes. But the most impressive thing was in the fast corners. It was a like a train going fast on rails, and under braking the car was really stable.

‘Silverstone was really good, because I was as fast as Tiago and Christijan in the fast corners. In the slow corners it wasn’t so good because I braked a little bit early. For the first time in F1, it was not easy to be on the limit, and to understand the traction control. You need to believe the electronic systems, and for Shanghai, I believed in it a lot more! But it was great to drive in Silverstone, because it’s a fast track, and my time was not so bad.’

Silverstone was a good start, but nothing can prepare you for running on a Grand Prix weekend on a track that you don’t know.

‘Shanghai wasn’t an easy track to learn, but I like to learn new tracks, I love it like in GP2 in 2005 I didn’t know places like Budapest and Bahrain. It was pretty good on the Friday. I was quite quick in the first session, and the second session was not so bad, but I had a problem with my clutch, the shaft was broken in the gearbox.

‘When I had the new tyres I was confident in the car, but it was raining a little bit, the track was slippery, and I didn’t want to crash the car on my first time! I just wanted to do a really good job for the team.

‘But I was sitting too high, and my neck is long, so after 40 laps my neck was really bad. I spoke also with Sebastian Vettel and he told me the same thing, but he was lower in the car.’

Alex says he really enjoyed the experience of working with the Spyker crew.

‘The team is so good because all the people are working hard, and they understand things very well. In GP2 this year I was with French people, and now it was English people. It’s not completely different, but it’s not easy to go into a team when you’re not used to it! But it was a good experience, I think.

‘Now I want to speak with some teams to be in F1 for next year as third driver or fourth driver, and maybe race in 2008. In 2008 there could be a lot of places in F1. If not, maybe I will go into Champcar.’

Alex hasn’t had it easy over the last two years, as he’s had two high profile team mates, both of whom won the GP2 title for ART.

‘Nico is the son of Keke Rosberg, a famous person in F1. He is a good personality and I had a good time with him, and with Lewis I had a good feeling as well. For me it was not easy because Lewis is a really strong driver. Maybe I am similar to him, or maybe he is one tenth quicker than me, but it’s not a lot! I think it should be very good if Lewis goes to McLaren and shows his talent compared to Alonso…’



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25 October 2006, Silverstone, UK – – Spyker MF1 Team is pleased to announce the arrival of RotoZip as an Official Sponsor for the 2007 Formula One World Championship and beyond. As part of the new two-year partnership the team launched RotoZip branding at last weekend’s Brazilian Grand Prix. The relationship will see the team’s drivers carry RotoZip racesuit branding together with the power tool manufacturer’s logo on the cockpit edge.


Aleksander Bursac, General Manager – RotoZip Europe: “In 2006 we followed our Dutch hero Christijan Albers to the Spyker MF1 Team as an Official Sponsor with our Dremel brand. This has resulted in a very successful year regarding sales and improved brand awareness. When we had to develop our strategy for the introduction of Rotozip in Europe, F1 was a logical choice. Rotozip is high-tech and designed for professional users so there is an excellent consumer and trade connection through this sport. We believe that through F1 and the ambitions of the Spyker MF1 Team that we can achieve our goals and look forward to extending this successful partnership which is gaining momentum.”

Colin Kolles, Team Principal and Managing Director – Spyker MF1 Team: “This is another great partnership for the team. Although the season has ended the hard work for 2007 has already begun. Forming long-lasting partnerships with organisations such as RotoZip certainly strengthens our position to create a competitive package over the winter break. I am very happy to welcome RotoZip and their representatives to the Spyker MF1 Team and am proud to be starting the 2007 World Championship with such an innovative and high-performance organisation.”

About RotoZip

In Europe, RotoZip is a new brand for professional construction, home building and home remodelling/improvement applications. RotoZip was founded in the USA in 1972, when a professional drywall contractor decided that there had to be a better way to cut drywall. He set out to build a system of tools and accessories to save time and money, while improving results. Bosch Power Tools acquired RotoZip in 2003. In 2007, Bosch will launch the RotoZip brand into Europe, targeting the professional market.

RotoZip will conquer Europe with the same vision of improving the way professionals cut difficult materials on the jobsite. Today the company offers high performance accessories, attachments, and tools to cut through a wide variety of materials – from drywall, where it all began, to ceramic wall tile, and even floor tile.

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About Spyker MF1 Team

Spyker M F1 Team is a 100% subsidiary of Spyker Cars NV following their purchase of the Midland F1 Racing Team in September 2006. The team entered its first race at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai 2006 in its new team colours of Orange and Silver. Spyker MF1 Team will enter the 2007 Formula One World Championship using a Ferrari engine supply; the team is based in Silverstone, UK.

For further information please visit: WWW.ROTOZIP.COM / WWW.SPYKERF1.COM

This sponsorship agreement was facilitated by is a leading creative motor sport marketing agency focusing on the Benelux and China regions. is an official partner of Spyker F1 Team.


Sunday 22nd October 2006 – On a historic day in Formula One that saw 7 time World Champion Michael Schumacher retire from the sport; Spyker MF1 Team closed the book on their own season with two more race finishes

The bright and breezy conditions in Sao Paulo mixed with a hugely passionate crowd to watch Brazilian Felipe Massa win on home soil. The Spyker MF1 M16 car again showed its competitive potential by pushing the team’s nearest rivals throughout the race.

At the end an unsettled season the former Midland F1 Racing squad are looking forward to returning to Formula One in Melbourne as the all-new Spyker F1 Team. The distinctive Orange and Silver livery run in China, Japan and Brazil has given a sneak preview to the team that will arrive ready for action in the 2007 Formula One World Championship 5 months from now.

Tiago Monteiro

(POR), Car #18 (Chassis: M16-03)

Grid Position: 21st

Classification: 15th

Fastest Lap: 1:14.410, (+2.429 from fastest lap of the race)

Quote: “Here we are, we have finished the last race of the season. We took a gamble with the strategy and it wasn’t too far from paying out. We had expected the safety car and had it come at the right moment we would have had a better result. The car behaved very well, even under heavy fuel. It was a really intense race for me as I had a lot of track fighting with a number of cars, which meant I was really pushing from the beginning to the end. I enjoyed the race and I want to thank every body here at the team for these great two seasons including Alex Shnaider, Colin Kolles, Michiel Mol and Victor Muller for having faith in me and I look forward to starting testing and announcing something very soon.”

Christijan Albers

(NED), Car #19 (Chassis: M16-02)

Grid Position: 17th

Classification: 14th

Fastest Lap: 1:14.410, (+2.248 from fastest lap of the race)

Quote: “We already knew at the start of this weekend that our pace was not going to be as competitive as the last two races. It was still good for two Spyker cars to finish the race. I think it was a reasonable result but not good enough performance wise. Let us use this as a good moment to really push for next year and concentrate on the new car in 2007.”

Dominic Harlow, (Head of race and test engineering): “It was good to have two cars at the finish as we had decided to run two different strategies which actually played out very close together. We had hoped for a break of some kind as we would have been able to capitalise on any track incidents. This didn’t happen in the end but both drivers did a good job getting the cars to the finish.”

Colin Kolles, (Team Principal): “The end of the season finally seals a great deal of hard work by the entire staff of Midland F1 Racing and now the Spyker MF1 Team. Throughout the last year everybody at the factory in Silverstone and the wind tunnel in Brackley has worked tirelessly to produce a competitive package. It has been another interesting year but I can feel real optimism as we look towards 2007 and our arrival as the Spyker F1 Team. I would also like to thank Toyota for their commitment to our campaign this season and wish them well for the future.”

Michiel Mol, (Director of Formula One, Spyker Cars NV): “I think its time to thank the team for all the hard work they have done this year. There have been a lot of changes and I am really looking forward to a good year next year. After a good night’s sleep I think our thoughts will turn to 2007 to ensure we make it a good one.”

Victor Muller, (Chief Executive Officer, Spyker Cars NV): “First of all, thanks to the team who have performed fantastically. My thoughts immediately turn to next season where we will have a new car and a new engine partner, Ferrari, with whom work has already begun and we have started an intense and fruitful co-operation. A year lies ahead with tremendous potential and opportunities and in which we will see the gradual influence of Mike Gascoyne’s entry into our team. I just can’t wait to be in Melbourne in March.”

Spyker MF1 Team is pleased to announce a three year sponsorship programme with Philoderm, the leading brand in skin care products manufactured by Rofil Medical in Breda,The Netherlands. The Philoderm logo will appear on the Spyker-Ferrari cars, helmets and the overalls of the race drivers in the 2007 season.

Robert Schreuder, CEO Rofil Medical, said: “Spyker F1 is hot and a unique project. We have had a very successful involvement in F1 through Christijan Albers for over a year and we decided immediately that we wanted to be a part of the Spyker programme. Philoderm is an ambitious brand in the professional skincare market. Our aim is to become a global brand and we are convinced that F1 is the ultimate tool to achieve this and to strengthen our worldwide presence. F1 is high-tech, glamorous and innovative. We share these values and we look forward to teaming up with this ambitious Dutch F1 team.”

Colin Kolles, Team Principal and Managing Director – Spyker MF1 Team, said ” I am delighted to welcome Philoderm as a new long-term partner for the Spyker F1 Team. This commitment to our programme at such an early stage is a huge boost to everyone involved in transforming Spyker F1 into a serious competitor in the F1 World Championship. Rofil and Spyker both have global ambitions and we look forward to developing them together in the exciting sponsorship activity.

About Rofil Medical and PHILODERM

The Philoderm range contains a wide range of professional skin care products including anti-ageing treatments and dermal fillers. The products range from home-care to specialist items for the medical profession in the global field of dermatology, plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. A combination of high quality products, educational programmes and superior service allows Rofil products to achieve optimal results.
Rofil has its own sales organisations in The Netherlands, Germany, Russia, Canada and Argentina with an international network of distributors in more than 60 countries.

About Spyker MF1 Team:

Spyker M F1 Team is a 100% subsidiary of Spyker Cars NV following their purchase of the Midland F1 Racing Team in September 2006. The team entered its first race at the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai 2006 in its new team colours of Orange and Silver. Spyker MF1 Team will enter the 2007 Formula One World Championship using a Ferrari engine supply; the team is based in Silverstone, UK.

For further information please visit:
www. /

This sponsorship agreement was facilitated by is a leading creative motor sport marketing agency focusing on the Benelux and China regions. is an official partner of Spyker F1 Team.


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A couple of interesting photos turned up in the paddock at Interlagos, showing a chubby little kid getting the autograph of Michael Schumacher in the pitlane. It looked like the meeting was the highlight of the lad’s life so far.

Viso plays his mastercard

A couple of interesting photos turned up in the paddock at Interlagos, showing a chubby little kid getting the autograph of Michael Schumacher in the pitlane. It looked like the meeting was the highlight of the lad’s life so far.

Nothing too unusual in that you might think, except the pictures were taken at the Brazilian GP back in 1996 – and 10 years on the chubby little kid became the latest and last driver who can claim he once shared a race track with Michael, albeit only on the Friday of his last ever Grand Prix…

The junior Schumacher fan was none other than Ernesto Viso, the GP2 star who had his first public outing in a Grand Prix car in Spyker’s third entry at Interlagos. He also became the first Venezuelan to sample an F1 car since Johnny Cecotto’s season with Toleman was aborted by an accident in practice at the 1984 British GP.

Unfortunately for Ernesto, his familiarisation run at Silverstone the previous week was a bit of a wash out, so still he had a lot to learn.

‘It was really difficult, it rained so much that the track flooded and there were water pumps trying to take the water away!,’ he explained. ‘We did about 15 laps of the short circuit, but I was just cruising around, because the car was aquaplaning. I just learned how to use the controls on the steering wheel, but I wasn’t even flat on the straights because of the water!’

Things went better at Interlagos. He was 13th in the first session – he had never sampled the track before – but had to settle for 20th in the afternoon, as a gremlin meant that he never had a real chance to go for a time.

‘I really enjoyed driving the car. It was awesome, it was a huge challenge because I came to a track that I didn’t know, and I had never driven the car in dry conditions. So everything was new for me! I just came here and it was like the first day of school. Everything works so differently in the team compared with GP2.

‘I had to learn all the systems in the first hour to be ready for the second hour. In the afternoon I did a good a job and I was looking to do a reasonable time. We were going to put the qualifying set-up with low fuel and max rpm and soft tyres, but we had a problem with the engine. If not I was maybe going to be in the top 10, which was going to be OK for the first time ever.

‘I had a couple of spins, but it was not my fault! The guys made some changes and I went back on the power in the same place, it was too much for the traction control, and I just couldn’t control the car. But it was OK.’

Ernesto is hoping to get another chance to test for Spyker in the future: ‘We’re working on that, and we’re talking to some other people in the paddock, and we’re just trying to get out best option. If not I will go back to GP2 and go for the championship.’

And what about those old pictures, brought along by his uncle?

‘I told him not show anybody! Ninety-six was my only time here, it’s a long flight from where I live. I was a big fan of Michael, I think he’s a great driver, I think he’s done a really good job. I’m a little bit bigger now, but not much…’



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 Colin Kolles

We talked to Spyker team principal and managing director Colin Kolles about the 2005 season, the takeover by Spyker, and plans for next season.

Q: Overall this has been quite a busy year for you – building up the team, the sale to Spyker, and a lot of F1 politics in the background as well. How do you view it?

‘It was a busy year, but the important thing was to stabilise the team, and I think the team is quite stable at the moment. I think that everybody is getting better, and working closer together. This was my main objective, first of all to clean it up and then stabilise it. The company is financially very strong at the moment. Now we have to work to get some success. The reality is that zero points are zero points! We had some good races, where we were more competitive and could have got a point. But if you are between 16th and 22nd in qualifying, that is not enough.’

Q: How much better is the team now compared with 2005?

‘Last year we had more points than this year! Ironically this is the situation. But I can tell you that the whole team is much better. We had special circumstances in Indianapolis last year, and we got the points. You don’t have a race like that every year. Unfortunately we also had no Spa race this year. Tiago was eighth in 2005, and Jordan was always strong in the past.’

Q: Of course the problem is that everyone else is always improving, and for example Minardi was upgraded to Toro Rosso.

‘These are the facts and you have to live with this. Obviously I was not happy that somebody was inheriting a car, even if the regulations say something different. But even so they only got one point, and they got a point by luck.’

Q: How much of a step forward was the M16 over the previous car?

‘It was definitely a step. If you are coming from four and a half seconds off the pace and you are then two seconds off the pace, then it’s quite a big step. Maybe people who were not looking into details didn’t see that. But obviously it’s not enough, because the position hasn’t changed. Our problem was definitely not the drivers, it was up to us to give them a better car! I am convinced that the drivers would get the results for us with a better car.’

Q: How would you summarise the two drivers?

‘I’ve known Christijan for a long time, and for me he’s a very quick driver. He can get very good results if you give him a good car. But if you have a weapon without bullets, or a knife that is blunt, it’s not easy! Tiago is a very consistent person and a very consistent driver. If you look at his races, he’s always bringing the car home. If he can do this with a car that’s two seconds quicker, then we’ll be very pleased, because then he’s getting points.’

Q: You had several young guys in the third car on Fridays, namely Adrian Sutil, Markus Winkelhock, Giorgio Mondini, Alex Premat and Ernesto Viso. Are you pleased with the way that programme went?

‘Yes, this was something I’m personally very pleased about. We had top drivers from GP2, top drivers from F3, top drivers from the Renault World Series. I don’t know which other championship is around which is more competitive! So we had good young drivers in the car. I definitely think that some of them will be in F1 in the future, and not necessarily with us.’

Q: The sale to Spyker was the big story of the year. How did that get started?

‘It started in Bahrain when I approached the so-called ‘M’ consortium, and asked them if they were interested to be part of the team. Five minutes later I had my first meeting! The major issue over the next few months was to bring both parties to the table, and basically find a solution.’

Q: How excited are you about Spyker’s involvement?

‘I always said it’s not the biggest car manufacturer in the world, but it’s a very fine car manufacturer, and the cars are very nice. So that for sure is a good thing. It’s very positive. Michiel Mol is an F1 enthusiast, he understands F1, and this is again a very positive thing.’

Q: What does Mike Gascoyne bring to the team?

‘Experience, successful experience. I think that we are going the right way. We have very good young engineers, with James Key as the technical director. We have made some improvements, but to find the next two seconds is not going to be easy! For this, we have to make the next step. And therefore we need to help of Mike to try to minimise the gap to the frontrunners with his experience.’

Q: In a way it’s like a homecoming for him, because he was with Jordan in the past.

‘It’s a completely different situation compared to Adrian Newey at Red Bull. Mike has known James for a long time, and it’s like going back to an old family. That’s a big difference, in my opinion.’

Q: How important is the Ferrari engine deal?

‘Obviously it brings credibility. Since Midland first purchased Jordan, we did a credible job. The problem is how people look at it. We didn’t spend hundreds of millions – we chose to do it in a step-by-step plan, and I think that the company is very healthy now. At the end of the day this is the basis for success.’

Q: Is it a good feeling to have one of the engines that was challenging for the World Championship?

‘I don’t think that you win World Championships just with an engine, especially next year when the rev limitation will be there. I think the engines will not be far away from each other. Obviously this year without a limit there were some differences; there were definitely some teams that had better packages. But that’s how it was. I think that we need an efficient car, and then we will be more successful.’

Q: You mentioned the rev limit. How much will the other rule changes, like the testing limit, help the smaller teams?

‘It will help indirectly. The bigger teams have to accommodate the testing restrictions, and we were restricted before anyway, because of our budget. So for us, it’s not a big change. We are basically doing the same as previously, and the question is how well and how quickly the bigger teams can adapt? Therefore a lot of teams are looking for partnerships, like Honda and Super Aguri and so on.’

Q: Does the end of the tyre war help you, even if Bridgestone sometimes had an advantage in the past?

‘For us it’s better if there is a one make tyre. The last two years tyres have been the biggest difference, and I think the time gaps will be much closer next year.’

Q: Does it help you now that the rules put all the emphasis onto chassis and aerodynamics?

‘And drivers! It doesn’t help in the short term, but in the mid-term. I think that in the beginning of the season we have to be realistic. We’ll see what will happen in the second half of the season. We will definitely make progress, but it’s not about half a second. We need progress of at least two seconds.’

Q: You’ve confirmed that Christijan is staying. Are you pleased to have that continuity?

‘We actually signed Christijan in Turkey, so this was a decision that was made very early, before the acquisition. I think it’s the right decision, and it had nothing to do with the Spyker deal. We belong to a Dutch car manufacturer that is selling cars all over the world. The team is based in Silverstone, and it’s international. Nationalities are not a primary thing for me.’

Q: When will we hear about the second driver?

‘As I’ve always said, we have several options. We will have a decision soon, I think.’

Q: There was a lot of debate about the future of the sport this year. Are you pleased that the politics are out of the way and everything seems to be peaceful now?

‘We’ll wait until the first race, and then we’ll see how peaceful it is! I don’t want to go into details…’

Q: But wasn’t it all a bit of a distraction when you just wanted to concentrate on running your team?

‘No, not at all. Not a single minute’s distraction, because for me it was always clear which way it will go. The meetings were enjoyable, I could relax for some hours! I think that there has definitely been a move in the right direction, but we’ll see what the result will be, because we don’t know at the moment. I can tell you after a year, maybe.’

Q: Going back to the team, what sort of changes are we likely to see – are you hiring more people?

‘We are definitely looking for some more people, but we have a very selective way of doing it. We just have to concentrate on working efficiently as possible. I think we are very efficient anyway, but we have to continue this and even improve it. There won’t be a big increase. I prefer to have better quality than quantity, but I know that others think in a different way. As far as I remember when Williams won their last World Championship in 1997 there were around 300 people, and now there are more than 500. This is not necessarily the right way.’

Q: What else are you planning to upgrade over the winter?

‘The car! And we are upgrading the wind tunnel. It is going up to 50%, we’ve rented another wind tunnel, and we’re looking into another wind tunnel too. Definitely our main emphasis is on aerodynamic development.’

Q: What is the testing schedule up to Christmas?

‘Before Christmas we have no testing plans, we are developing our car in the factory. We could have an engine, that’s not the main problem, but it makes no sense for us to have an interim car. We prefer to put all our resources into aero development. And we are quite familiar with the Bridgestone tyre family. We would prefer to have an upgrade during the season than have an interim car now.’

Q: What’s the new car going to be called? It’s obviously not going to be an M17, and the Spyker road cars have a ‘D’ designation.

‘It’s not decided yet, but when we present it, you will know for sure. But it could be in the direction you mentioned! That’s not my main problem at the moment, to be honest. My main problem is to have a quicker car. Everybody will be more competitive, that’s very clear. But we have to stay calm. My main objective is to help the engineers as much as I can to help improve the car.’

Q: It sounds like you are flat out. Are you going to get any time off for Christmas?

‘I didn’t plan anything for the moment, to be honest. It makes no sense for me to go on holiday if my homework isn’t done. You sit there somewhere in the sun, or in the snow, and your head is in a completely different location. So you spend money for nothing…’

Q: What do your family have to say about that?

‘That’s another matter. Therefore I’m trying to do my homework on time!’


DTM 02 - Oschersleben 2008

Shanghai, 29 September 2006 – Christijan Albers will drive for the Spyker M F1 Team in 2007. The 27 year old Dutchman, affectionately known as ‘Mr Noisy’ by team due to his non-stop verbal assault on the world both in and out of the car, becomes the first Dutchman to drive for a Dutch-owned team in Formula 1.

‘This is just crazily exciting’ said Albers, ‘First I get to keep my place in the team, then it becomes a Dutch team and, best of all, they’ve agreed to pay me! It doesn’t get better than that going into the third year of my F1 career.’

‘Originally we thought we would just keep his fiancé Liselore and ask Christijan to go to the other end of the Paddock’, said Spyker Team Principal Colin Kolles, ‘ but then he started going quicker than we thought the car was capable of and he gained the upper hand in negotiations! He will be a married man next season so he will have two bosses to make sure he delivers!’

On a more serious note, Albers added: ‘Obviously I am delighted with the new ownership and their commitment to the technical development of the team with the arrival of Mike Gascoyne and the new engine package which will be announced shortly. We already have the basis of a great team that is highly motivated and I’m really excited for next year.’

Michiel Mol (Director of F1 Spyker Cars N.V.): Naturally as a Dutch team we are delighted and proud to have a Dutch driver. Christijan has definitely earned his place in the team with some stirring performances which have more than justified the faith both I and his other sponsors have had in him during his career.’

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